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Connect with your customers. Let us be your marketing, business development and sales department.

Indigo Leads is one of the fastest growing premier lead generation companies in the world.

Companies in Germany, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and elsewhere turn to us when they need to drive sales, get highly qualified leads or develop a successful online marketing campaign.

Our Strenghts

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Lead Generation

We generate web leads for a 'cost per lead' that works for us and you. From 50 leads per week to 5,000 we can deliver.

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Sales Funnels

We build your branded advertising funnels for you, at no cost if you order leads from us.

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Landing Pages

We're landing page enthusiasts and split testing nerds. We'll design, nurture and improve them while you sleep.

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Security & Sustainability

GDPR compliant with airtight security. We take pride in keeping both yours and your customers data secure.

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